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Morris Corfield Case Study

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It’s a bright morning as we arrive in Broseley to visit Morris Corfield, a family-run supplier of agricultural equipment across Shropshire and beyond, ranging from large cultivation machinery and tractors, to log splitters and hedge trimmers. As a business, Morris Corfield took the opportunity to upgrade to fibre broadband as soon as the local cabinet was fibre-enabled in December 2014 by the Connecting Shropshire broadband programme.

Morris Corfield, supplier of agricultural equipment

We met their IT Director, Oliver Morris, to see how they have benefited from the switch: “As a business, the main difference has been the faster upload speeds,” Oliver explained. “Here in Broseley we’re pushing download speeds of 30mbps now, and our Craven Arms site is regularly seeing speeds of up to 60mbps, but the upload speed has risen from 0.5mbps to 8mbps.

Oliver Morris, IT Director

Oliver went on to say: “We used to experience time consuming little problems and while these problems didn’t stop us working, they did slow us down. Thankfully we’ve not had any of those issues in the six months since we upgraded to fibre.” A prime example is that our service staff synchronise their laptops to the manufacturer’s data on a weekly basis. Previously, when two or three of them tried to do this at the same time, it was quite a slow and painful process. Since upgrading, it is a lot quicker and much more reliable. So upgrading has certainly quickened previously time consuming processes.”

Morris Corfield staff regularly synchronise their laptops to the manufacturer’s data

From huge combine harvesters to the smaller hedge trimmers, Morris Corfield offer the full complement of agricultural machinery and equipment. With hundreds of products available for purchase at any one time, it’s important for up-to-date records to be kept and important data to be back up. Oliver continued: “But it’s not just our processes. It’s becoming more and more important to list all the stock with images on the website. Compared to five years ago, it’s crucial to keep the website well maintained because more and more people look for machinery on the internet. Upgrading to fibre has made this much easier to manage, and of course has the knock on effect that our online customers enjoy a better customer experience.” As we continue to chat with Oliver, a theme of possibility and choice emerges that clearly matches the ambition of the company. Leading us into the shop from the tractor yard, Oliver said: “Upgrading to fibre has opened entirely new possibilities. For example, we’ve wanted to use the cloud to back-up data for a while and to do this you need high upload speeds, it wasn’t even an option before we upgraded.”

Morris Corfield staff use their website to track hundreds of products available for purchase

Morris Corfield have four sites; Broseley and Craven Arms in Shropshire, Bromyard in Herefordshire and Tarporley in Cheshire. This creates problems sharing information. “Being a multi-site business, having the ability to route information through one place makes it easier to control online threats. To do this, you need good upload speeds and download speeds. Again, this wasn’t even an option before upgrading,” Oliver concluded: “In Craven Arms we have seen huge connection improvement since the upgrade. Unfortunately, our Herefordshire site can’t upgrade and it really holds them back.” Oliver goes on to say that “overall, upgrading to fibre broadband has allowed us to focus on the business and move with the times, knowing that we can rely on fast data connections.”

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  1. Good luck to the company. Pity most of us will see no benefit from this subsidy to BT shareholders.